Project Management

Efficient project management can lead to a very smooth and fun experience for all…while poor project management can be a project’s demise.  We break project management into four categories:

–    Communication
–    Experience
–    Acquisition of equipment/purchase power
–    Results & Accountability

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Equipment and Repair

Whether you’re looking for new, used, or custom ice rink equipment, SpecialIce is your one-stop shop.  We can help you get any piece of equipment needed to make an ice rink operate and succeed.  Whether you’re looking to buy, lease, or rent, we can make the acquisition as easy as possible – usually at a better price than our competitors.

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Ice Making

When the ice-making process begins, most companies put it on cruise control.  At SpecialIce, this is where we get both excited and very meticulous.  Ice-making is unequivocally the most important component of a project when it comes to ensuring a painless, headache free, and uninterrupted operating season.  Our team ensures a gradual, consistent, and thorough ice-making process that eliminates the myriad issues that can arise from rushing to freeze water.

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What We Do

As the only Bay Area based seasonal ice rink company, SI focuses on offering a high quality product at an affordable price, and with the highest level of customer service. Our success is based on your success!

Whether it’s ice rink design, install, operation or equipment sales and rentals, SI is the company for you. Our staff and customer support is second-to-none and we’re not satisfied until you’re not losing sleep at night because of poor operations or running over budget.

At SpecialIce we know what it’s like to run a site because we’ve all operated a site and we know how difficult it can be at times, we’re here to help you through those tough times or just handle those difficult times for you all together.