Professional Ice Rink Solutions

Special Ice provides year round ice rink maintenance services, solutions, and products ranging from ice painting to complex ground heave and heat floor remediation services.

Comprehensive on-site inspections combined with professional consultation services, continually provide an opportunity for many overwhelmed ice rink owner/operators, to begin addressing their immediate and preventative ice rink maintenance needs.

Our team has the most experience and proven techniques in all areas of ice rink maintenance, offering cost effective solutions to get your ice rink back up an running as quickly possible.

Ice Rink Repair Services

Ground Heave (Perma-Frost) Remediation

Effecting both sand-based and concrete ice rink floor systems, ground heaves typically begin due to the failure of the heat floor system, lack of a heat floor system all together or even improper insulation. These deficiencies along with excessive water intrusion into the sub-floor area below the ice surface can quickly begin the ground heave (perma-frost) process to develop, resulting in a very uneven ice surface and unwanted stress on your cold floor piping system. Left unaddressed, this problem never goes away on its own and eventually will lead to a catastrophic failure of your cold floor system and a very expensive and time consuming shut down of your ice rink.

Heat Floor Leak Detection & Repair

As the precursor to a ground heave problem, monitoring your heat floor refrigerant levels are equally as important as monitoring your cold floor refrigerant levels. Many ice rink operators/owners are unaware of just how vital the heat floor system is to the proper maintenance of your overall ice rink surface and mechanical systems. Depending on the type of secondary refrigerant you are using in your heat floor system, accounting for minimal evaporation over an annual basis, make no mistake…recognizing a leak as soon as possible is vital to catching and repairing it. Analyzing all factors leading up to discovery and post discovery along with overall system design can greatly assist in the repair process.

Dasherboard & Kickplate Refurbishment

This is a very popular trending service that most ice rink operators/owners are also not aware of. However, it is a very cost effective way to give your dasherboard system a fresh new look at about 1/5 the cost of buying, removing and replacing your entire dasherboard system. By replacing your old white poly surface and upgrading your kickplate by a few inches, your customers will greatly appreciate the new appearance and playability the new poly components provide. This is also a great time to schedule any dasherboard frame welding that needs to take place.

Laser Grading & Leveling (Sand Based)

Aside from a highly recommended maintenance procedure every few years for a sand based ice rink surface, Special Ice has a very specialized laser grading system designed for compact areas like ice rinks and the expertise to effectively restore your sand based ice surface to within 1/16 of an inch to desired grade… A level ice surface provides many energy saving and performance based benefits that you and your customers will enjoy!

Chiller & Pump Efficiency Upgrades

As the heart of your refrigeration system, your chiller and pumps should always be running at maximum efficiency. Many ice rinks continually practice the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” philosophy, the problem for these older systems is that when they do break, chances are parts are not going to sitting on the shelf anywhere. Technology is a great friend of the ice rink industry with many new great products being introduced from our industry partners almost weekly… Call us for a Free Evaluation and find out what equipment options are available to you and start budgeting for them now!

Ice Painting Services & Equipment

Just because you are a recreational ice rink doesn’t mean your ice surface should look like a “Wreck”. As we know, things happened, power loss, chiller goes down, over flooding, bad drivers, etc, etc…However, your ice surface is still your number one product and the appearance and ice conditions represent your business and your skaters. Whether your enjoy the painting process in-house or dread the thought of it, Special Ice can provide you with best ice painting products on the market at competitive prices and for those looking for a turn-key solution, the ice painting team at Special Ice has performed over 1000 ice painting jobs with the only acceptable result being perfection!

Everything Else!

The team at Special Ice has offers the most ice rink and entertainment services under one roof than any other ice rink vendor…if you need it fixed, if you need it built and if you want your dream project to come to life, Special Ice is there to make it happen. Call or email us today to discuss your next ice rink project.