Temporary Ice Rinks

Bring an experience to people they can’t get anywhere else!

Temporary ice rinks can function in a few different manners, they can act as a public draw or they can be an added benefit to retail or destination locations and SpecialIce can handle all aspects of your temporary ice rink.

Where Can They Be?

Parks and plazas
Shopping malls
Parking Lots
Sport fields and complexes
Indoor and outdoor
If you can think it, we can build it there!

What They Do For You

Increase in foot traffic
Outside tourist interest
Provide a unique experience to user groups and patrons
Add a genuine holiday experience for various holiday destination/locations
Usually manage to pay for itself through ticket sales, sponsorships, and strong marketing
Attract local interest
  • Schools
  • Non-profits
  • Youth/adult clubs and organizations

Temporary Ice Rink Options

Indoor vs. outdoor
Custom design (size and shape), not getting warehouse supply…
Covered surfaces vs. open surfaces
Additional tenting and event production items to make experience unique
Can easily convert into a longer term or year-round surface

Why Go With Us

One stop shop
  • We design
  • We build
  • We ship
  • We install
  • We operate
  • We prepare auditable accounting
  • We can build your vision and allow you to just enjoy it!
Unlike our competitors we don’t outsource any component of our products, this helps us keep costs down and run on schedule.
EVENT Production

With our affiliates we offer some of the most experienced special event production teams in California.  Whether its tenting for party areas or a structure over the whole surface, we can put together an ice rink package that no-one can compete with.

We also
  • Are the largest temporary ice rink company in northern California
  • Have one of the largest and most comprehensive insurance packages in the industry
  • Provide direct access to our top team members every step along the way
  • Each Project has its own project manager
  • Turnkey installation, management, and marketing plans
Work with a company as unique as your project is!