Ice Making

When the ice-making process begins, most companies put it on cruise control.  At SpecialIce, this is where we get both excited and very meticulous.  Ice-making is unequivocally the most important component of a project when it comes to ensuring a painless, headache free, and uninterrupted operating season.

Our team ensures a gradual, consistent, and thorough ice-making process that eliminates the myriad issues that can arise from rushing to freeze water.  Anyone can freeze water!  With SpecialIce, you know you are going to get our best professionals, when you need them the most.

We don’t subcontract the work out like some of our competitors – the team you were comfortable enough to sign a contract with is the same team you’ll be working with and getting answers from every step of the way.  We do not turn the floor over to you until our project manager has personally inspected every aspect of the surface and has established that it is up to our standards in every way.

Design site layout*
Provide required chiller units and freezing agent
Build and install custom dasher board systems
Build and install custom ice rink mat systems
Make chiller unit connections
Lay in-ice sponsorship logos
Build skating surface and conduct ice-break/rebuild process**

*Please ask us about unique skating surface ideas including our newest feature: the Skate Path!

**Ask us about the benefits of our ice-break/rebuild process

Ice Maintenance

SpecialIce is also very proud of our ice crew.  We have some of the most professional and detail-orientated team members in the industry, who truly take pride in their ability to create a fantastic skating surface.

Our staff can help in any way that you need: from painting your ice and installing in-ice logos to doing a complete melt and rebuild.  Our team has the experience and passion to help you create the best possible skating surface for your facility.

Our team takes freezing water to the extreme and puts all of our years of experience into each and every surface SpecialIce makes.  So if you’re building a new facility or just need to give yours a makeover, our team can make it happen.