What We Do

At SpecialIce we pride ourselves on being your one-stop ice rink experience, we have the ability to design, manufacture, or acquire any component or aspect in your ice rink project. We can do as much or as little as you need and we’ll do so with your vision and budget in mind the entire time.

Our team has the experience and approach to make even the most difficult and frustrating portions of the project seem manageable.

Project Management

Efficient project management can lead to a very smooth and fun experience for all…while poor project management can be a project’s demise. We break project management into four categories: Communication, Experience, Acquisition of equipment/purchase power, Results & Accountability

Ice Rink Equipment

Whether you’re looking for new, used, or custom ice rink equipment, SpecialIce is your one-stop shop. We can help you get any piece of equipment needed to make an ice rink operate and succeed.

Ice Making

When the ice-making process begins, most companies put it on cruise control. At SpecialIce, this is where we get both excited and very meticulous. Ice-making is unequivocally the most important component of a project when it comes to ensuring a painless, headache free, and uninterrupted operating season.

Site Design and Facility Rebuild

Our ice rink team, led by Operations Manager Wayne Aussem, is one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Having done over $125 million in remodels at more than 75 sites, our team is ready to do whatever you and your project need.

Consultation Services

Ice rink development and the subsequent operation of the ice rink can be tedious and difficult times. SpecialIce has a team that consists of people that have been in your shoes many times over and understand the challenges a project like yours entail.