Consultation Services

Ice rink development and the subsequent operation of the ice rink can be tedious and difficult times.  SpecialIce has a team that consists of people that have been in your shoes many times over and understand the challenges a project like yours entail.  Our goal is to make the process as easy and unnerving as possible for you.

Understanding what your situation needs is what separates us from the rest; we don’t come in with a predetermined solution, we analyze your scenario and then provide proven solutions.  Our team members have a combined industry experience of over 50 years and millions of dollars in projects; we’re not interested in seeing you waste your time or more importantly, your money.

Many times, the answers and solutions are much easier than you think; our job is to point those out so you can create a scenario that you are comfortable with that not only makes operations easier but more profitable as well.  Whether it’s a new design and construct scenario or a simple analysis of operations for areas of increased potential, SpecialIce is here to work with you.