Project Management

Efficient project management can lead to a very smooth and fun experience for all…while poor project management can be a project’s demise. We break project management into four categories:


A lot of companies have experience. It’s having the right type of experience that separates us from the rest. Our experience is based on quality and keeping the user’s experience in mind at all times. What can we provide in the space, time, and budget we have? That’s the question that starts off every one of our projects. We have ice rink experience: our principals have backgrounds in ice rink design, install, and operations comparative to any company out there. They’ve designed, built, remodeled, and operated over 100 indoor and outdoor ice rinks. We have big event production experience: our company has resources that have been part of some of the biggest special events in California, including the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. Our staff have also worked with Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, and the US Olympics Committee.


Arguably the most important component of the project, communication is the backbone of SpecialIce. We are in constant communication with our clients and give regular status updates every step of the way. We understand how much each project means to the people involved, and we know how nerve-racking the steps toward your goal can be. It’s our job to keep you informed and educated about everything that goes on -good and bad. A lot of companies are easy to reach when things are going well. Each site is assigned a project manager, an operations manager, and an on-site liaison if applicable. As our client, you will have – at a minimum – access to all three members of your team any time you need a question answered. When dealing with projects of this magnitude, there can always be hiccups, but a direct line to us will not be something you will worry about.

Results & Accountability

At the end of the day, all the fluff can sound great – but there has to be something substantial when it’s all said and done. SpecialIce can only succeed and grow if our clients succeed. We have experience coming to a site that has gone stagnant and giving it a little jolt of freshness to spark a renewed interest in the location for both the owner and the customer. We believe that it is our job to not run a cookie-cutter model, but a model that evolves over time and adapts to the economic circumstances of our users.

Acquisition of Equipment / Purchase Power

At SpecialIce, we have a variety of ways to get you the things you need. First, we can buy items cheaper than a lot of other companies because of the relationships our principals have with industry vendors. We also have the ability to facilitate a rental if that route is more desirable. And unlike most of our competitors, we also manufacture custom ice rink equipment. We can produce almost every piece of substantial equipment that goes into a project – guaranteeing both quality and price control. We don’t need to buy something for you, mark it up, and turn around and sell it again. We understand that every dollar means something, and we examine all options to keep you within or under budget. So whether it’s new or used, purchased or rented, standard run or custom design, we’ll create a model that works for you.